Rental Conditions

For private individuals

  • a driving license type C that has been issued for more than 2 years

  • your ID and a document bearing your permanent address, issued by the authorities within 30 days

  • a residential utility bill bearing your name as addressee and your address, issued withing 30 days


On behalf of a company:

  •  a certificate of your incorporation, issued within 30 days

  • 2 residential utility bills, issued withing 30 days, bearing the names and permanent address
    of a person (persons) entitled to sign for the company,

  • specimen signiture(s) of the person(s) entitled to register the company

  • the driver’s driving licence that has been issued for more than 2 years

  • the driver’s ID and a document that shows the driver’s permanent address

Further conditions

  • The motorhome can be taken on the first rental day from 8 a.m. It has to be returned on the last rental day until 6 p.m.

  • The rental fee includes CASCO insurance and an Assistance service in Europe

  • There is no restriction on kilometers.

  • The motorhome can be driven as soon as the rental fee and the deposit have been paid. 



  • Camping set (camping chairs and a table)    8 000 HUF / rent

  • Deckchairs       3 000 HUF / rent

  • Bicycle           6 000 HUF / piece / rent

  • Barbecue set   10 000 HUF / rent

  • GPS navigation with full European map      5 000 HUF / rent

  • Additional gas bottle, charged           6 500 Ft / pc (normally not necessary)

  • Additional toilet chemical     3 500 Ft / pc (normally not necessary)

These prices are net prices, VAT is not included.