American luxury Motorhomes

Advantages of Luxury Motorhome (RV) Rentals:


  • This RV is available for 9 people.
  • You can drive it with a driving license of type C and no tahographe is necessary.
  • Travelling by a motorhome is not only fun, but also a way of life, an exciting adventure.
  • Choose the symbol of freedom, that is a  luxury motorhome if you dislike the constraints of a preorganized trip, deadlines of events and typical programs for tourists.
  • It is much better to enjoy a comformtable motorhome than the limited space in a camper van. RV buses guarantee you at night a more relaxing sleep than a tent could offer and RVs cost less than your accomodation at a hotel.
  • A luxury motorhome provides you everything that you need during your trip: you do not have to look for the next petrol station, you can use the bathroom anytime. You can enjoy a lovely coffee anytime. An RV makes these services at your disposal.
  • In a motorhome you also have the possibility to cook a meal. You do not need to have lunch in an expensive roadside restaurant or in a snackbar.
  • In an RV you can enjoy the conform of your own bed, your own clean bedlinen.
  • It is very easy to get used to a luxury RV. You will fall in love with it at first sight and you will find it impossible to break away from such a wonderful motorhome.

Interiour and equipment of our luxury motorhomes


You will find a great number of smaller and bigger cupboards to keep your clothes, personal belongings and gadgets there. The bathroom-toilet unit is separated by a corridor from the shower. You will here also have some closed storage cabinets for your personal hygene products and ladies’ make-up kit. You can use up a drinking water tank of 600 L. This tank supplies the 10 L gas boiler that guaranties hot water of 50-70℃ for you shower. The used water is collected up into a waste tank of 600 L. You will find the maximum of comfort in the practical kithchen, too. Dishes, kitchen ustensils can be hidden in cupboards and other necessary equipment also has its place. Energy supply for the kitchen appliances is guaranteed with built-in power sockets. A built-in refrigerator of 120 L equipped with a security lock helps you to keep your your food and drinks always fresh during your journey. The fridge runs on battery power, external power supply and gas. Your meals can be prepared on a two-burner stainless steel gas cooker, built in the surface of your kitchen counter. The washing up can be done in the inox stainless steel sink with mixer taps. The used water is collected in a 600-liter waste tank.


Family atmosphere, camping, barbecue ...


The motorhome facilities include dining tables and chairs for a cozy atmosphere. The tenants can have the opportunity to organise a barbecue in the evening and everybody can make themselves at home. You can also hire deckchairs and bicycles. Taking these opportunities you will really feel yourselves at home and will absolutely enjoy your holiday. 


Equipment and security in the self-supplying motorhomes


Our motorhomes ensure you and your family great comfort. It depends on which model you choose, 6-9 people can travel safely and spend the night in comfort inside a luxury motorhome. The driver and navigator’s convenience is guaranteed with adjustable leather seats with waist and arm rests, an adjustable steering wheel, fold-up map and document holders, cup, bottle and box holders, numerous storage compartments, electric windows, and central lock.

Air conditioning, toilet, shower, gas cooker, refrigerator (gas, 12V, 220V), heating system, bicycle racks, TV, radio, CD-player and CD collections. drawers and cupboards for diches, kitchen ustensils and kitchen appliences, in-built power sockets for the electric devices, a built-in refrigerator of 120 L with safety lock, a built-in two-burner stainless steel gas cooker, an inox stainless steel sink with mixer taps.

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